Friday, September 10, 2010

Boots (Wikipedia)

Boots UK Limited,[2] commercially known as Boots and previously known as The Boots Company is a leading pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom, with outlets in most high streets throughout the country. Boots is also available in the Republic of Ireland, Norway and other territories. The company has been a subsidiary of Alliance Boots since 31 July 2006 after Boots Group plc merged with Alliance UniChem plc and combines the former Boots the Chemist Ltd and Boots Stores Ltd. Management of all staff was moved from Boots UK to Boots Management services on July 1, 2010

BOOTS on the internet

If your search about BOOTS word in GOOGLE you will find about 157.000.000 results

Now lets narrow the results a little by searching "BOOTS PHARMACY"

we will get
109.000 results

and 1.540 results if you search for "BOOTS pharmacy UAE

why BOOTS ............

Hello and welcome
you may want to know why i have chosen BOOTS as my dream pharmacy to work in

this might be a good question

but it might be a needless question

you want to know why

read what i have found about BOOTS